Stained Concrete

Why Modern Concrete Represents Scofield Chemstain Products:

LITHOCHROME Chemstain is a ready-to-use, penetrating, reactive stain that chemically combines with cured concrete to produce permanent, variegated or translucent color effects. Chemstain contains no VOC‘s and meets strict air quality management regulations.
Please call us to review your application and find out how we can help you with the best look.

Stained Concrete Examples

High Traffic Restaurant
High Traffic Lobby
Interior Porch on Home
Mall Walkway in Concrete Colors
Interior Walls for the Home
Game Boards Made From Stained Concrete

Concrete colors shown approximate the color of broom-finished colored concrete flatwork made with a medium-gray cement and cured with LITHOCHROME® Colorwax™ or COLORCURE® Concrete Sealer in the matching color. Concrete not so cured will have less brilliance. Please contact Mondern Concrete about all the details in designing, installing and maintaining your colors.
Please note: concrete colors shown are approximate. Due to shade variations associated with individual color monitors and printers, we suggest that you set an appointment to review the best color scheme for your home. Ask about performing test slabs that will replicate jobsite conditions.
Please note: stain colors shown are also approximate. We strongly recommend that a test slab be poured and approved prior to starting the job. Test slabs should be poured replicating jobsite conditions. *Weathered Bronze, Fern Green and Copper Patina are recommended for use on interior applications only. These colors will darken or blacken irreversibly when exposed to moisture. Contact and Visit with Modern Concrete to review your design ideas, the technology requirements and maintenance requirements.