What are Our Services?

Modern Concrete has an industry reputation for quality and reliability. Our facilities are clean and well organized – allowing for optimal project and work schedule management. Whether your project is large or small, our experienced staff will work to meet all of your expectations. Our Dispatch Department can also help coordinate other services such as aggregate delivery, crane rental, or trucking. We offer a variety of mix designs, admixtures, reinforcing products, and concrete building supplies in order to meet the requirements of commercial, industrial, and residential construction projects. At Modern Concrete we know that business is all about value, and we strive to make sure that our products and services add value to your project. From your first phone call to the final invoice, we want your experience with us to be outstanding. That means accuracy in placing your order, honest and up-front pricing, quality raw materials, on-time delivery, and accurate billing. Whether you’re a general contractor, subcontractor, professional home builder, municipality, or a do-it-yourself homeowner, Modern Concrete has the solution to your concrete needs. When Service and Quality Count, Choose Modern Concrete!

Modern Concrete Services

Our services include the following:

  • Concrete Manufacturing and Delivery

  • We have a Secondary Plant that can be utilitized to double our capacity.

We can provide a range of concrete materials and qualified contractors for:
  • Sidewalks & Patios

  • Driveways & Aprons

  • Concrete Driveway Sealing

  • Commercial Foundations

  • Residential Foundations

  • Concrete Replacement

  • Concrete Removal

  • Commercial Slabs

  • Excavation Service

  • Flatwork Installation

  • Stamped Colored Concrete

  • Concrete Repair

  • Entranceways

  • Parking Lots

A Concrete World of Options

Modern Concrete feels strongly that using products that are safe, with a long life expectancy improves the environment for all of us. Concrete is high on the list of “Environmentally Friendly” products for your home, office or building. Concrete is ideal for obtaining LEED Certified building projects. If you have a requirement to meet LEED or BPI or just want to be fully informed on your next construction project then give us a call.

The public is now highly focused on how a home or office structure will affect the environment and what the long term costs are to sustain the property in both cooling and heating costs. Ask Modern Concrete about all aspects of new construction techniques for your next project. There are new methods in insulating, styling, coloring and staining and design for every part of the home.

Modern Concrete can connect you to LEED or BPI Architects and builders that are very conscientious in creating environmentally healthy, cost-effective, green buildings.

Why have a certified Plant like ours with LEED certified designers? Because Michigan and local municipalities are now requiring new governmental and school construction to be certified. This movement is also migrating into private construction as well. Ask us about specific rebate-able monies and lower cost loan rates for homes that are better built.

Using concrete in your construction project makes a lot of environmental sense. There is an abundant supply of concrete and the removal of concrete takes less of a toll on the environment than other building materials. Asphalt parking lots, driveways and walkways are prone to toxic runoff and can require yearly re-coating. Quarries (the primary source of concrete aggregates) can be reclaimed for recreational, residential or commercial uses or can be restored to their natural state. Concrete is also “green” in that it is manufactured locally and produces no toxic runoff (unlike asphalt).

If you want to know more about building to these requirements, give our Technical Sales Manager a call:

Jim Vaughn
Technical Sales Manager
Modern Concrete
3275 West Pasadena Avenue, Flint, MI 48504
Office: (810) 767-8525
Fax: (810) 767-0578