Large Concrete Blocks

Large Concrete Blocks

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Modern Concrete manufactures Large Concrete Blocks for bunkers, retaining walls and security walls. Concrete barriers are cost effective structures to segregate bulk materials from each other. Our Blocks can be used for separating bulk landscape materials, dirt mounds, salt storage and much more. Build a simple berm or wall from these dense and heavy-constructed concrete blocks. We have the materials in stock so you can start creating you barrier immediately. We deliver.

Our blocks are typically 2‘ x 2‘ x 6‘ and weigh between 2000 and 4000 pounds. There is a lifting loop on each block that can be grabbed with a forklift. Our Blocks are stackable, and the height will depend on the ground preparation and design. Tell us what you have in mind so that your design is both safe and durable.

Modern Concrete‘s barriers are effective to manage security and vehicle restriction for your business and they can protect your equipment from being damaged. Call our Dispatch and ask about how our "Bin Blocks" can help with your barrier or erosion issues.